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Dolomite: The Increasing Value of Turkish Natural Stone

Dolomite stone is one of the most preferred stones to its durability, fashionable look in aesthetic architecture with its crystal-free and solid structure, white ground color, and it plays a key role in prestigious projects. Since the physical appearance of this stone, which is quarried from Marmara Island, resembles marble, its common use in many different projects brings an increasing demand, increasing in the sales competition and the price; however, this situation does not decrease the dolomite demand in the world.


Dolomite, which is quarried mostly from stone quarries in the northwestern part of Turkey, Marmara region, varies according to its selections. Dolomite, which is called Bianco Dolomite/White Dolomite on a plain background and in its whitest form; Rosso Venato or Spider Dolomite with red veins on a plain background; and Calacatta Dolomite with its brown or gray color patterns, is one of the most demanded pieces of our Premium Stones collection.

Where is dolomite marble stone mostly used?

Dolomite is accepted as a Turkish natural stone and is used in a wide range of industries due to its unique features, such as iron and steel industry, glass, ceramics, paint, construction industry and soil improvement in agriculture etc.

Dolomite slabs, which have been used for decorative and landscaping purposes especially in recent years, add value to different projects. This high quality natural stone has unique features and is mostly used in interior design projects.

The texture and hardness of dolomite makes it highly preferable to an average marble. Dolomite stone is a good solution for countertops, walls, floors, bathrooms or fireplaces. Pricing will vary based on specific usage.


Benefits of using high-quality dolomite stone in your projects

As a design trend that gathers a space with classical elegance, using high quality dolomite stone in your interior or exterior design projects will offer more durability and longer life. Dolomite is a wonderful natural stone that can be preferred by project owners who love the look of marble in decoration. It is highly resistant to water, retains liquids and acids longer than marble, and has strong resistance to scratches and heat. It has become a popular natural stone option, especially in the creation of sophisticated interior designs, as it offers the project owners the perfect harmony of visual beauty and magnificent aesthetics.

As EsMer Marble, we are specialized in the dolomite production and we have grown our knowledge and experience in the sector over the years. In addition to offering the best quality dolomite slabs and tiles in Turkey, we are one of the leading Turkish companies exporting dolomite slabs abroad.

We quarry the dolomite from our own dolomite quarries and can cut it up to 1 cm thickness according to your project. Since we have dolomite production, we have a regular and stable supply. Our experts select the blocks in accordance with your projects, make detailed analyzes and combine the final product with high quality labor. More than a choice in line with decoration trends, you can also request this stone and its selections as raw blocks, slabs or cut-to-size tiles in our “Premium Stones” collection, where we precisely approach every stage from quarry to shipment to renew your living spaces with high quality dolomite slabs and tiles. Please contact us for our stocks.