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An Essential Element of Architecture

Marble, which we frequently encounter in aesthetic interior design projects, is one of the indispensables of the project owners in decoration. Today, marble is used in many projects in Turkey due to its high quality standards. One of the reasons is that, in addition to the aesthetic perception, Turkey is rich in marble reserves and it is easy to supply natural stones. Turkey, which is among the most important natural stone producers in the world, ranks 7th in the world in marble production and 8th in marble exports.

Turkish marble reserves are mostly found in Marmara Region, İscehisar (Afyon), Sivrihisar (Eskişehir), Balıkesir, Denizli etc. found in regions.

Why is the use of marble so popular in interior decoration projects?

In recent years, applying marble in decoration has become a trend. Thanks to the technological developments in the processing of marble stone, project owners can create uniquely beautiful designs from various marbles in their different projects.

Marble has become popular in use in different projects for years as a decorative element from kitchen countertops to floor coverings, with its hardness, durability, resistance to water and scratches.

EsMer “Premium Stones” Collection includes high quality natural stones that we extract from our own quarries and that you can use in your different projects. Beautiful Alexandra Black with its white veins on a black background, which provides a unique atmosphere in your living spaces; Bruno Perla with its contrasting veins on dark gray and  tones; Bianco Dolomite, which is uniquely beautiful with its white background; Emperador Light, which carries different tones of beige and brown with its soft movement, contrasting color to the gray background; Exotica with its moves on its surface; New York Lilac popular among natural stones with its purple veins on a white background; Palissandro with a gray-white ground; Salome with its unique colors extracted from our own quarry; Silver White, which is frequently preferred in elite projects with its gray/silver veins on white; Sunset Pink with its impressive pink color, are in this collection.

All marbles can be cut up to 1 cm thickness in our production facility and subjected to the desired surface process.

Tips to Protect the Surface of Marble in Decoration:

Marble helps project owners maintain a modern and luxurious look in their living spaces. Although marble is a very hard material, it also requires care to maintain its high durability. With a proper care, you can preserve the surface of this natural stone and make it look great. 

In order to protect the surface of this natural stone, which we see mainly on kitchen counters, you should use cleaners with special ingredients suitable for marble care, instead of chemicals you use in daily cleaning, such as bleach.

In order not to damage the marble surface due to the interactions caused by the temperature difference, for example, by using mats or trivets on your marble coffee tables, tables or counters, you can prevent the direct contact of the high temperature of the glass and pot with the surface.

In order to preserve the beauty of the marble surface as on the first day, you can wipe the surface with a soft cloth that will not scratch the surface while cleaning, and use polishes suitable for natural stone care. 

In decoration, you should take the right care in order for the marble to maintain its durability for many years and not lose its beauty. As EsMer Marble, we guide you about the use of marble in your projects with years of experience in the sector. We offer you the most accurate and high quality natural stones for your decoration in this process, where we meticulously carry out every stage from production to shipment. Please contact us for the information about our stocks and also EsMer Marble “Premium Stones” Collection.